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K-Style Gutters

If your gutters are old and starting to experience more and more problems—or you feel like they aren’t working the way they should be—it’s time for a replacement. Interested in installing new K-style gutters? Make Town Building Systems your first and last call.

We offer durable K-style (ogee) gutters in aluminum and copper. If you need new gutters for your home in the Buffalo, New York area, contact us online or call us at 716-525-8910 today!

Ogee Gutters

The most common style of gutters available, K-style, or ogee, gutters can be found on many homes here in Southern California and across the country. The outer shape of this type of gutter vaguely represents the letter K (as opposed to a rounded, half-round gutter). K-style gutters are available in different sizes (5 inches being one of the most common) and materials, though aluminum is most often used.

Ogee gutters offer a few benefits. They:

  • Complement many styles, from modern to traditional and everything in between
  • Are often a more economical choice than other types of gutters
  • Can hold a lot of water and are less susceptible to bending or protruding

And you can rest assured that the K-style gutters Town Building System installs are high-quality and durable.

Signs You Need New Gutters or Downspouts

Although many homeowners are not experts in gutter maintenance and repair, there are some clear signs that indicate it’s probably time to call a gutter company! You may need new gutters and/or downspouts if your current ones:

  • Are more than 15 or 20 years old
  • Frequently overflow or get clogged
  • Have a buildup of rust or mildew
  • Are flaking or peeling
  • Need more frequent (and expensive) repairs

The sooner you replace your gutters and downspouts, the better protected your home is from water damage, roof leaks and other problems.

K-Style Gutter Installation in Buffalo, NY

When homeowners in Buffalo and surrounding areas in Upstate New York need new gutters, they turn to the Town Building Systems team—we offer 5- and 6-inch K-style gutters. Get in touch with us today by calling us or filling out the short form on the right!


They were quick, efficient and very easy to talk to. These guys deserve a raise. Awesome job!! Joseph M.
They were very professional about the job and made sure that everything that I wanted done was done they did some great work, and I would highly recommend them. They also cleaned up very well after they were finished ... Gregory L.
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