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Insulation Contractor in Lackawanna, New York

Lackawanna homeowners believe it’s important to support local businesses that have made their histories – and plan their futures – by investing in Erie County and Lackawanna, NY. For almost 50 years, Town Building Systems has provided superior insulation solutions to Lackawanna property owners like you.

We’re the second-largest insulation provider in New York State, and as part of the Installed Building Products (IBP) Family of Companies, we have the buying power of the second-largest insulation installer in the U.S.

New Yorkers appreciate saving energy almost as much as saving money. Our insulation solutions do both.

Call 716-525-8910 or contact Town Building Systems to learn more.

Signs You Need Insulation Solutions in Lackawanna, NY

Without adequate insulation, your HVAC system works harder to deliver the comfortable air you need. HVAC units are probably the most expensive appliance in your home or office, and you can protect them longer with better insulation.

Signs you need insulation solutions include:

  • Aging fiberglass batts (20+ years old)
  • Appears packed down (from walking or stacking heavy objects)
  • Decay/crumbling or rot
  • Drafty areas
  • Erratic indoor temperatures
  • Higher monthly heating/cooling bills
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Rodent/insect infestations/droppings
  • Smells bad (animal urine/mildew)
  • Visible moisture

Call 716-525-8910 or contact Town Building Systems to discuss your insulation options.

Residential Insulation in Lackawanna, NY

Lackawanna homes are built to withstand extreme Western New York weather, but even in the best-built homes, insulation has a limited life span.

Damaged insulation will need to be removed, but if your insulation is in good condition, insulation retrofitting is a good investment. This is a process of adding insulation in key areas to reduce energy loss and lower monthly energy bills.

We have extensive whole-house solutions for residential insulation in:

Home insulation for new or older homes should be as customized as your architecture. In fact, it should be customized for your architecture. Choose from:

  • Cellulose: This is the most environmentally friendly insulation because it uses less energy during manufacture and is made of up to 85% recycled materials.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass remains the most effective insulation solution. Made of recycled glass and other materials, it’s available in:
  • Spray foam: Polyurethane spray foam is applied wet. It expands into a thick foam that protects crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

Never attempt a DIY insulation project. Insulation removal is dangerous. You need special equipment and protective gear to prevent airborne contaminants, and it’s not worth the risk to you or your loved ones’ health.

Ask about residential insulation in Lackawanna so you can make informed decisions. Call 716-525-8910 or contact Town Building Systems.

Commercial Insulation in Lackawanna, NY

Knowledge of local construction and energy code requirements and years of commercial insulation experience in Western New York can make a difference in your new-build or renovation project. If re-insulation or retrofitting is called for, we’ll always explore safe, economical alternatives.

Lackawanna contractors, architects and management companies trust us to deliver commercial insulation for their projects on time and within budget.

Call 716-525-8910 or contact Town Building Systems.

Energy Audits in Lackawanna, NY

Saving energy is the way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. An energy audit can reveal costly energy loss and areas of your home or commercial property that need improvement. We can identify:

  • Air leaks
  • Combustion appliance (gas stoves, furnaces, etc.) issues
  • Insufficient/damaged insulation

For a free quote or to schedule services in Lackawanna, New York, call 716-525-8910 or contact Town Building Systems.

Town Building Systems for Whole-Home Efficiency & Style in Lackawanna, NY

We offer several services and products to ensure your home operates efficiently and looks great:

When you want industry-best, quality work and superior customer care for your next home improvement project in Lackawanna, you want Town Building Systems.

Call 716-525-8910 or contact Town Building Systems today.


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