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Converting Your Wood-Burning Fireplace to Gas

A fireplace is a great way to stay warm and cozy when the temperatures plummet in winter, but buying and storing firewood can be a hassle. That’s why so many homeowners prefer gas fireplaces. But what do you do if you already have a wood-burning fireplace?

The good news is that wood-burning fireplaces can be converted to gas. In this blog post, the gas fireplace experts at Town Building Systems explain the conversion process and the details you should factor into your decision to convert.

Benefits of Converting to a Gas Fireplace

Fireplace lit in living room with white surrounding mantel and built-in shelves, and white rug on dark wood floor.

Many homeowners don’t consider fireplace conversion as an option, but converting your wood fireplace to gas offers many benefits, including:

  • More convenient and efficient than wood fireplaces
  • No need to chop or store wood
  • No need to clean up ash
  • No need for matches, lighters, starters or kindling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cleaner burning fuel

What Are Your Gas Fireplace Options?

Wood logs on fire, on black background.When converting to a gas fireplace, you have several options to choose from. For each one, you’ll need to have a natural gas line installed.

Considering the complexities and potential risks associated with natural gas, make sure the gas line is installed by a qualified, licensed professional.

Each type of gas fireplace has advantages compared to the others. From chimney requirements to cost, they all have their unique benefits and should be considered against your budget, home specifications and comfort requirements.

Once you’ve determined which type is best for you, there are many styles, finishes, controls and other factors to consider. Primary gas fireplace types include:

  • Direct-vent gas fireplaces: These require a chimney or vent. More convenient than wood stoves and more realistic than electric fireplaces, direct-vent gas fireplaces are an easy, efficient way to create a beautiful focal point.
  • Ventless gas inserts: Gas inserts don’t require vents due to more efficient burning. These are inexpensive and convenient, because there’s no need to completely remodel your entire fireplace.
  • Vented gas logs: Gas logs are designed to look just like actual wooden logs and enhance the visual aesthetic of the fireplace. These are an extremely low-maintenance, affordable way to enjoy a gas fireplace in your existing masonry fireplace.

Trust Town Building Systems for All Your Fireplace Installation Needs

At Town Building Systems, our fireplace installers can handle your wood-to-gas fireplace conversion. Serving the western New York area since 1975, our professionals have extensive training and comprehensive experience to handle any fireplace issue quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Count on us to help you through the entire fireplace conversion process, from assessing your budget and requirements to selecting the right unit to fit those needs and installing it for optimal performance from the start. 

We also install mantels and surrounds. If you’re converting or remodeling your fireplace, consider adding a marble or granite finish to your mantel to add a touch of elegance. 

Call Town Building Systems at 716-525-8910 to learn more about converting your wood fireplace to gas in the Buffalo area.


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