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Why Is There Standing Water in My Gutters?

You may think of gutters as an optional roof fixture—a component that doesn’t need much attention— but without properly functioning gutters, you could face many different problems. Leaky gutters can damage exterior walls and allow water to flow down along the foundation, potentially causing basement flooding and other troubles.

Another issue is standing water in gutters. This is a seemingly small setback, but leaving the gutters untreated could lead to other problems. Here’s what could be causing the standing water, why you shouldn’t ignore the issue and how to fix it.

Problem: Clogged Downspout

First check the downspout for any clogs. Plenty of objects can lodge themselves here and allow water to linger in the gutters. A few examples include:

  • Sticks and twigs
  • Leaves
  • Toys
  • Asphalt roof granules

If you ignore a clogged downspout, you’ll probably regret it the next time it rains heavily. A downpour can cause water to stream over the sides of a clogged gutter, wreaking havoc on your landscaping and putting your foundation at risk.

Solution: Clear the Clog

If you can reach the clog, remove as much of the blockage as possible by hand. Then jab at the clog with a long, thin object such as a broom handle to break it up and send it flowing down the downspout. Spray out the gutters with a garden hose to check if the blockage is clear.

A stubborn clog or your hesitance to climb a ladder and take a look could mean you should hire a professional for help.

Problem: Improper Gutter Pitch

Gutters are installed with a gradual slope leading toward the downspout. This ensures all rainwater heads in the correct direction. If improper installation or wear and tear has led to a defective pitch, areas of standing water are likely.

Failure to repair improper gutter pitch could lead to mosquitoes, rust and damage to the roof, siding and foundation. The gutter support system may even fail under the excess weight of standing water.

Solution: Repair the Pitch

It’s much better to avoid the pitfalls of improper gutter slope and repair the problem before any damage is done. Leave the job to a professional who can use precise equipment to ensure the ideal gutter pitch for proper drainage.

Best Way to keep Gutters Clean & Debris-Free

Gutter guards (also referred to as gutter covers or leaf screens) help keep out debris and prevent clogging without blocking water flow. They are especially effective in the fall and spring, when gutters are most prone to clogging, but are beneficial all year long.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is recommended for keeping your gutters clear—but leaf protection systems are a great way to be proactive about it!

Gutter Repair & Replacement in Buffalo, NY

If you require gutter repair services or even new gutter installation to solve the issue of standing water,  contact Town Building Systems today.


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