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Summer Insulation Tips

When you prepare your home or building for the summertime, insulation probably doesn’t come to mind. However, insulation is a great way to help lower bills and maximize energy efficiency all summer long.

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Keep on reading for our summer insulation tips.

Have Insulation Installed Before Summer Starts

There are a number of benefits to insulating your home before the heat of summer hits. It can help:

  • Improve efficiency: Insulation acts as a thick blanket on top of your home to keep heated air inside, resulting in energy savings and helps keep your home cooler in the summer.
  • Enhance home comfort: Did you know that insulating your attic can help eliminate hot spots? You can expect a more comfortable, consistent temperature throughout the spring and going into the summer.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Any time you cut back on energy consumption, you reduce the amount of emissions your home adds to the atmosphere.

Take Note of Your Cooling System

Is your air conditioner running more than normal to keep your home cool and comfortable? This could be a result of insufficient insulation levels, which means your HVAC system has to work harder than usual. In order to work efficiently during the summer, your cooling system relies on your insulation. It may be wise to consult an expert to see if you need more insulation installed.

Determine the Effectiveness of Your Current Insulation Levels

Are you trying to determine the effectiveness of your current insulation levels this summer? Consider the following factors:

  • Age of your home. Was your home built prior to the 1970s? If so, your insulation may not be as effective. Your local insulation company will be able to help.
  • Amount of air leaks. Does it feel like hot air is getting into your home even though your air conditioner is working perfectly? If you think you need to air seal your home, the problem might be a result of poor insulation. Check to see if there are drafts near windows and doors or uneven temperatures from room to room.

Buffalo Area Insulation Installers

Do you live in the Buffalo, NY area and want to make sure your home is fully prepared for summer—insulation and all? There’s only one name to know: Town Building Systems. We’ve installed insulation for homes throughout the Erie and Niagara County areas and can help make your living space more comfortable and energy efficient during the hottest days of the year.

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